A deck should be a source of relaxation, not stress. Southeastern Pressure Washing & Maintenance, LLC offers the solutions your property needs to get the most out of this beautiful outdoor space!


Why Does My Deck Need Professional Attention?

We’ve all experienced the variety that is North Carolina weather: We get warm, sunny days and rainy, chilly ones. Our decks are exposed to it all, and it makes sense that it starts to take a toll. If unaddressed, mold, mildew, and algae create a slippery safety hazard and eat away at your decking, while dirt and other debris contribute to stains, fading, and discoloration.

Southeastern Pressure Washing & Maintenance, LLC will help you reclaim your deck.

Our Solution

The Southeastern Pressure Washing & Maintenance, LLC team uses power washing to restore your deck to its like new condition. We use a soft washing technique that allows us to take a gentle, detail-oriented approach to the surface. This means that we can attend to every nook and cranny. Our cleaning detergents remove debris and also inhibit future fungal growth from taking hold. It also effectively removes the stains or fading that gives your deck that careworn look. As a result, you’ll have a safe, long-lasting, and beautiful space to call home.


When the sun comes out, you should always be able to enjoy your deck with confidence. Get a free estimate from Southeastern Pressure Washing & Maintenance, LLC to take this special space to the next level!